Are Raisins Low Histamine?

Raisins may be low in histamine. It’s important to note that some sources list grapes as high histamine due to their classification as a “histamine liberator,” which would carry over to raisins. These “histamine liberators” are any foods believed to cause histamine release regardless of the food’s own histamine content. On top of that, raisins …

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Are Olives Low Histamine?

Olives may be low histamine. The disagreement here comes thanks to the many different formats in which olives are sold around the world. Fresh olives technically qualify as low histamine, but almost all the olives sold internationally are fermented or otherwise cured, increasing the histamine content beyond tolerable levels. This makes things confusing, because olive …

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Is Pumpkin Low Histamine?

Pumpkin may be low histamine. While the various histamine intolerance food lists out there on the internet conflict on this matter, this is because pumpkin is considered a “histamine liberator.” That’s a term used to describe foods which often seem to raise histamine levels, but without being high histamine themselves. Even though pumpkin may not …

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