your low histamine guide

When I first started on a low histamine diet, I tried my best to figure out which foods were low histamine and why, but I never seemed to get a straight answer.

Eventually I realized that’s because histamine issues are not only complex but highly individual. It’s important that each person dealing with histamine issues takes the time to find & test their own limits. That means it’s important to have clear & thorough resources on each food, and what about it may be problematic for each of the many possible individual sensitivities.

That’s why I started Is It Low Histamine? I wanted to create the resource I wish I had when I first started eating low histamine, so you don’t have to suffer through the same constant triggers. I’ve even been accepted to go back to school to pursue my Master’s of Science in Nutrition starting in Spring 2023, so look forward to some low histamine deep-dives.

Feel free to click around & comment with any questions.

-your fellow student


the histamine content of various foods, plus any other considerations


“safe” ingredients in each of the main food groups, explored in-depth


• the science behind histamine issues
• safely lowering histamine levels
• methods of low histamine cooking