Is Vodka Low Histamine?

No, vodka is not low histamine. But if you’re looking for the lowest histamine alcohol out there, vodka is at the top of the list, tied with gin, rum, and tequila. Vodka still contains alcohol and histamine, but just like with other things we consume, how it’s processed matters. Most vodkas are distilled from histamine-friendly …

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Is Rum Low Histamine?

No, rum is not low histamine. But while there is no truly low histamine alcohol, plain white rum is one of the least inflammatory alcohol options for histamine intolerance. This is because white rum is distilled from sugar cane grass and isn’t aged, so even though it contains alcohol and some histamine, it is the …

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Is Milk Low Histamine?

Fresh, pasteurized milk is low histamine. However, much of the milk consumed in the Americas is highly processed and contains sweeteners, stabilizers, flavorings, and preservatives that can cause upset stomachs and trigger histamine release. The fresher the milk you consume, the better. Fermented or raw milks are not usually low in histamine, as it can …

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