Is Tequila Low Histamine?

No, tequila is not low histamine. But if you’re looking for low histamine alcohol options, an unaged tequila is one of the best choices you could make. Even though it still contains both alcohol and histamine, a white tequila (also called tequila blanco) will be the least inflammatory alcohol for those with histamine intolerance. Along with unaged rums, gins, and vodkas, a plain tequila is the least impactful because its distillation process is quite clean, and it’s made from low histamine material (agave). Although tequila is traditionally mixed with sugar and citrus fruits, these have been known to aggravate histamine intolerance, so don’t mix with them unless you’ve already reintroduced citrus. Instead opt for a low histamine juice like pear or mango, and add in a dollop of coconut cream for a more decadent texture.

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