Is Vodka Low Histamine?

No, vodka is not low histamine. But if you’re looking for the lowest histamine alcohol out there, vodka is at the top of the list, tied with gin, rum, and tequila. Vodka still contains alcohol and histamine, but just like with other things we consume, how it’s processed matters. Most vodkas are distilled from histamine-friendly materials like potatoes, but some are distilled form wheat or barely and should be avoided on general principles. An ounce of plain, unaged vodka with seltzer water can have much less impact upon your histamine levels than pizza or pasta, but you should still abstain from alcohol unless your histamine bucket is low. For most people this translates to the very occasional low histamine cocktail, mixing up to an ounce of vodka with a low histamine juice like apple or pomegranate.

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