Is Pork Low Histamine?

Pork may be low histamine. The level of histamine in pork changes depending upon both how it is treated during & right after slaughter, as well as how it’s later stored & cooked. Try to only buy pork that’s pasture-raised and, most importantly, was quickly frozen after being processed. This is because the processing of pork into its various parts and forms will naturally expose it to histamine-producing bacteria, the growth of which is slowed when it’s frozen.

The best forms of pork for histamine intolerance of MCAS sufferers are any fresh cuts, not processed or ground until it gets to your home, ideally boiled or stewed quickly in an Instant Pot.

I believe we should also consider the conditions under which the pork was raised— were the animals humanely housed, with plenty of room to roam and graze? Were they fed a natural, balanced diet, or some corn- and soy-based feed whose shoddy nutrient profile will be passed along to consumers? The quality of our food is always something we should be considering when shopping for our next meal, especially where protein is concerned.

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