Is Mango Low Histamine?

Yes, mango is low histamine. It’s also a natural antihistamine and a great source of vitamin C, and a decent source of vitamin A and dietary fiber. However, mangoes are also quite high in sugar; therefore you shouldn’t have more than one mango without eating it alongside another high protein or high fiber food. Some sources have noted that mango may be a histamine liberator, but even the concept of a “histamine liberator” is quite muddled. In fact, mango’s vitamin C content is believed to be what makes it a natural antihistamine, as vitamin C is a mast cell-stabilizer.

2 thoughts on “Is Mango Low Histamine?”

  1. I am wondering if you have any comments on histamine in Frozen fruits versus fresh. (although ‘fresh” fruit at a store is still months old.) I love frozen blueberries and mangoes.

    1. From a scientific perspective, I’d expect frozen fruits to be generally lower histamine, yes. It also seems to me that the frozen fruits are sometimes even slightly under-ripe. However, fruits don’t tend to have a ton of histamine in them, anyway, so unless you’re in a really reactive state or have an existing sensitivity, you’re unlikely to have a bad reaction from fruit.

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