Are Raisins Low Histamine?

Raisins may be low in histamine. It’s important to note that some sources list grapes as high histamine due to their classification as a “histamine liberator,” which would carry over to raisins. These “histamine liberators” are any foods believed to cause histamine release regardless of the food’s own histamine content. On top of that, raisins are grapes that have been picked when extra ripe, and then dried slowly in a warm environment, to keep them sweet and plump.

All of these steps of processing could contribute to the exogenous development of histamine. Therefore, raisins should be avoided in the first month or so of a low histamine diet, until it can be determined that they don’t trigger a reaction. Other foods commonly classified as “histamine liberators” include: strawberries, green beans, cashews, and grapefruit.

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