Is Coconut Low Histamine?

Yes, coconut is low histamine. However, it’s also rich in biogenic amines, which some people are sensitive to in addition to histamine, and which may also trigger a reaction in particularly sensitive people. Coconut products can also be higher in histamine due to their production or extraction processes, like with coconut aminos or coconut yogurt. …

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Is Lemon Low Histamine?

Lemon may be low histamine. Technically all citrus are low histamine, but for reasons still unknown to science, they often set off histamine reactions in people. Foods like this are known as “histamine liberators.” It’s for this reason that most low histamine food lists leave off citrus fruits like lemon, though MastCell360’s list keeps lemon …

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Is Apple Low Histamine?

Yes, fresh apples are low histamine. In fact they’re a very healthy food to eat on a low histamine diet, as they’re rich in quercetin, a potent antioxidant with mast cell-stabilizing properties. This is true of apples of all types and origins, though you should always buy organic apples so that you can safely eat …

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