Are Oats Low Histamine?

Yes, oats are low histamine and gluten-free (though you should double check for potential contamination if you’re incredibly sensitive). They’re a safe and healthy option for a low histamine breakfast that’s very customizable & filling. If you’re able to tolerate oats, you can even have oat milk and enjoy lattes again!

Is Apple Low Histamine?

Yes, fresh apples are low histamine. In fact they’re a very healthy food to eat on a low histamine diet, as they’re rich in quercetin, a potent antioxidant with mast cell-stabilizing properties. This is true of apples of all types and origins, though you should always buy organic apples so that you can safely eat …

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Is Alcohol Low Histamine?

No, alcohol is not low histamine. While different types of alcohol contain different levels of histamine, alcohol itself is a so-called histamine liberator, meaning that it provokes the release of histamine and/or blocks its degradation. In this case, alcohol (also called ethanol) directly competes with histamine for use of diamine oxidase (DAO) in order to …

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