Is White Chocolate Low Histamine?

White chocolate may be low histamine. The answer is not clear-cut because “white chocolate” has a different legal definition depending on what part of the world you’re in. This means that a product labelled “white chocolate” in India may be allowed to include certain ingredients that one sold in Spain or in the US might not be allowed to, such as hydrogenated oil. These ingredients can be really inflammatory, so it’s very important to look at what’s in your white chocolate in order to discern the histamine content.

The primary ingredient should be cocoa butter, which is the fat of the cocoa bean. Because the inflammatory component of cacao/chocolate is caffeine, and cocoa butter doesn’t contain caffeine, cocoa butter is low histamine. Often white chocolate’s first ingredient is sugar, however, which is fine to consume in moderation, when your histamine bucket is low. Other sweeteners may be a different answer, but coconut sugar and xylitol are both lower histamine.

The final ingredient in a high quality white chocolate will be milk powder, which should be fine as long as you already know that you can tolerate it. A dairy-free white chocolate can be made with rice powder or powdered oat or coconut milk, if you can tolerate any of those, but be careful with maltodextrin. An example of a low histamine white chocolate is one made with cocoa butter, sugar, and coconut milk, and nothing else.

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