5 Low Histamine Dessert Options

Dessert was always my favorite part of the meal when I was a kid. Half the time I was left home alone to make dinner, I made a terrible version of mango sticky rice, a Thai treat I fell in love with early on in life. I’d take basmati rice from the fridge and cover it in sugar & coconut milk, and then microwave the entire mess and top it with fresh mango. Sometimes I’d get fancy and add crushed peanuts. But the remarkable thing about my favorite dinner, is that with a few tweaks it’s an easy low histamine dessert (albeit now with a refined twist).

You don’t need to make my mango sticky rice in order to enjoy a low histamine dessert at home, however. Below are seven low histamine desserts I’ve taken to over the last few years, from the sweet and salty to the fruity and sour. I’ve linked to recipes where necessary, but most of these are pretty straight-forward.

  • Low histamine cookies (there are a dozen or so recipes out there, but some of my favorite are these: spiced oatmeal cookies, vanilla almond cookies, and coconut macadamia cookies)
  • Popsicles made with tolerated juices + milks (all you need is a popsicle holder and a mix of flavors you like; fresh mango puree + coconut milk is a personal favorite, but pear juice + oat milk is a surprising delight)
  • Ice creams made with tolerated ingredients (I can handle most coconut milk ice creams, but I know there are a couple low histamine ice cream recipes out there, too; oat milk ice cream is becoming more common, as well)
  • Fresh fruit salad (these are over a dozen common low histamine fruits you can choose between; I recommend adding a pinch of monk fruit & a pinch of salt to your salad, sprinkling as evenly as possible)
  • Apple cobbler (this is a more specific dish, but it’s a very histamine-friendly recipe from one of the histamine intolerance gurus herself, Beth O’Hara)

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