Is Dark Chocolate Low Histamine?

Dark chocolate may be low histamine. However, even though a simple dark chocolate only contains two ingredients, both of these can be problematic for those with histamine intolerance: sugar and cacao. This is not to mention the flavorings, lecithins, and other additives contained in many, if not most, dark chocolates.

All types of refined sugar are inherently inflammatory, but most people can tolerate small amounts after the initial stage of their elimination diet. This brings us to cacao, which is the only ingredient absolutely required for something to be labelled as “chocolate,” at least in the USA and Canada. Cacao contains both caffeine and a related chemical called theobromine, both of which are stimulants which may increase the body’s release of histamine and block DAO (histamine-clearing) activity. The evidence for this claim is sparse, however, so if you choose to reintroduce dark chocolate, please do so carefully, and with a low-sugar, two-ingredient chocolate (so as to truly test your body’s reaction to cacao).

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